Enterprise printing that's incredibly easy to administer, for work and school.

Macbook, Chromebook, iPad/iPhone, Android

Everything You Need

Presto was built for you.

It's All Here

Your complete enterprise print infrastructure. Presto includes mobile printing, Windows and Mac print drivers for centralized pull printing, secure release, and the extensibility and integrations you need.

Designed to Scale

Presto is full featured and scales from SMB to Enterprise. Flexible and modular, configure it to meet your organizations needs.

Plays Well With Others

Presto works out of the box with Active Directory and AD based print management. Directory Provider plug-ins can extend Presto to work with any Directory Service.

Save And Deliver

Presto delivers an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to save money and time by decoupling hardware from software.

BYOD First

Presto’s DNA is mobile. Whether a guest is printing one time or you have a student filled campus printing every day, Presto has robust solutions for your BYOD requirements. Apps are available for iOS, Android, ChromeOS, and Windows 10.

SSO Friendly

802.1x enterprise Wi-Fi enables single sign-on to Presto via Directory Provider plug-ins. Users connect to secure Wi-Fi and Presto does the rest.

No Prying Eyes

All network traffic in Presto uses industry-standard, TLS 1.2 encryption. Critical for government, medical, enterprise, and education industries.

Cutting Edge

Real-time data streaming? Check. Distributed rule based systems? Yep. Multi-modal service discovery? Done. We use (and create) the latest technology to enable the simplest, most intuitive experience for users.

Secure Release

Presto Station turns virtually any printer into a secure release station.

Simple And Intuitive

Presto Station gives users a simplified, beautiful, intuitive, and easy to use experience for secure release pull printing. Authenticate to Presto Station via your phone and Presto temporarily turns your phone into your personal release station.

No Mobile, No Problem

Login to Presto Station with a username or PIN code and release.

Effortless Set Up

Setting up Presto Station is fast.
Install the app, login, select the printer, logout. That’s it!
Configuring a tablet for Presto Station can take as little as 30 seconds. Compare to traditional embedded solutions that can take 30 to 60 minutes per printer.

Say Goodbye to Firmware Updates

Updating Presto Station is as easy as updating an app.

Incredible Savings

No antiquated card readers. No firmware. No per printer secure release costs. Add to your savings by upcycling already owned but underutilized phones and tablets.

Tablet Stands for Every Environment

Your environment may demand aesthetically attractive kiosk stands. Or you may be concerned about theft. A wide spectrum of inexpensive off-the-shelf tablet stands are available to address your environment and design requirements.

Presto Features

*Tablets/Stands/Printers Not Included

Patent Pending

Savings Abound

Presto delivers efficiency and control to you.

“Time is a currency you can only spend once, be careful how you spend it.”
– Harmon Okinyo
"Budget: a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions."
- A.A. Latimer
"Waste neither time nor money, but make the best use of both."
– Benjamin Franklin
“A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.”
- Yogi Berra

Eliminate Firmware, Hardware, And Per Device Fees

Presto eliminates the need for expensive embedded secure release firmware and per device fees. Clean house and eliminate antiquated card reading hardware as well. Turn virtually any printer and tablet into a world class secure release station at an affordable price.

Eliminate Expensive Service Agreements

We have a simple philosophy. A subscription to our product deserves the best we have to offer. This includes updates and support during the valid license period. Upon request, we will upgrade any current subscription user to the most recent version, at no additional charge, for the remainder of the existing license term.

Eliminate Propietary Lock-in

Presto puts you in control of your solution portfolio by delivering agnostic and modular components. We have decoupled embedded firmware from hardware so you can make the best possible choices for your environment. Find additional savings for your organization by licensing software-only versions of products where you may have been considering embedded. Upcycle already owned but underutilized printers and tablets into premium release stations for even more savings.

Save Time

By eliminating the need for firmware Presto saves labor hours traditionally spent maintaining and updating equipment and infrastructure. Less time with maintenance means more time delivering value.

Pay For What You Use

Have 10,000 people in your organization but only need to support 1,000 users with Presto? No problem. Purchase the license that is right for you.

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