Supported Presto Server OS Platforms

PC: Win 8 +, Win Server 2003 - 2016
Mac: OS X 10.10 +

Presto Server Hardware Requirements

64-bit, quad-core, 8 GB RAM

Supported Client App Operating Systems

iOS: 9 +, OS X 10.11 +, Android 5.0 +, ChromeOS 45 +, Windows 10

Supported Browsers

Latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge

Virtual Queue Print Drivers

Windows Server 2008 - 2016, Windows 7 - 10, Mac OS X 10.11 +

Native Print Workflows

Easily print from a computer or mobile device. Presto supports a Just Select Print printing workflow.

Centralized Pull Printing

Deploy Presto components on your network as needed and use the Magic Queue as your centralized pull printing solution. Print to Magic Queue from any supported platform and release from your mobile device or Presto Station. Unlike other solutions, the Magic Queue does not require a virtual queue per server.

Presto Station

Upcycle existing tablets or choose from a wide selection of off-the-shelf stands and tablets at Amazon to instantly turn any printer into a secure release station. Set up takes as little as 30 seconds.

Multi-Function Stations

Presto Station is multi-functional. Users sign-in with directory credentials or a PIN code to view, manage, and print. Users can also authenticate with their mobile device at the print station by scanning a QR code. After authentication, Presto transforms their mobile device into a personal release station.

Active Document Management

Preview, upload, manage, and delete documents all from Presto Document Center. Presto's Document Center automatically removes unprinted documents after 24 hours in the queue, keeping content current and saving otherwise wasted paper.

Browser Upload / Guest Printing

To upload PDFs for printing, give guests access to the network and then scan a QR code or enter a URL.  No client side configuration is required. Supported file upload includes PDF, PNG, JPG, and GIF.

Print Security

Keep your print workflows secure with industry standard encryption and secure print release. All network communication uses industry-standard, TLS 1.2 encryption. Critical for government, medical, enterprise, and education industries.

Easy Set Up and Updates

Spend more time printing and less time managing. Presto Station set up is completed in just a few steps. Unlike embedded firmware, Presto Station is a mobile app, so updates are quick and easy.


Say goodbye to antiquated card readers. Proprietary technology helps users to easily authenticate with their mobile device via QR code, directory credentials, or PIN code. When using the 802.1x directory service plugin (some assembly required), users are able to automatically authenticate to Presto via the wireless network.


Geolocate printers with Presto, helping users to find physical printer locations.

Flexible Deployment

Presto has many deployment options to fit your infrastructure needs. Deploy Presto by installing a Presto component on each wireless subnet where you will discover services. Connect components to Presto via direct IP address. Leverage our pioneering uDNS implementation to create a scalable and performant in-network infrastructure for advertising services to users.

Active Directory Management

Integrate Presto out of the box with Active Directory for user authentication and print management.


Presto is priced based on the number of Presto users. Presto Station technology is included in the software at no additional charge. Compare our straightforward pricing model to embedded firmware and RFID alternatives typically priced on a per printer basis.