AirPrint™ is a technology created by Apple Inc. that allows iPhone and iPad printing in a simple and intuitive way. AirPrint is driverless, virtually configuration free, and uses Apple's Bonjour zero configuration networking technology to advertise and discover printers, eliminating the need for users to know about IP addresses, ports, and PPDs. Documents transmitted for printing stay in the local network.

While it doesn’t currently give users the kind of fine grained control over print jobs that many people have come to expect from desktop printing, AirPrint does allow users to configure things such as double sided printing, number of copies, and paper orientation. Learn more about AirPrint.

How does Presto fit in? Presto acts as a proxy server, facilitating communication between your iOS devices and your printers. Unlike most similar products, Presto can enable your printers regardless of what your network configuration might look like. From home to enterprise, Presto is the single solution that fully realizes the promise and potential of printing from an iOS device.